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It is the intention of Ambert that the client feels that their input is valued at all times during the investigation. During an active investigation the clients will be kept informed on a regular basis, if required by them, as to the progress.

When youre in doubt with your partner having a third party relationship and you want an infidelity check, who do you turn to do the job for you? When you are in need to find a long lost friend, who do you turn to? If you want your court case(s) to be handled privately, hire a lawyer and another party. Definitely, you cannot be a lone worker to do all these? There is a right person to do this. But first, it is necessary that you should know what type of person to seek when you need someone to investigate things for you. In which case who do you call_ a private detective or a private in...

Securing a construction site is not easy work, especially large sites, staff turnover can be high and it can be a challenge to keep tags on visitors and contractors at the least tools can go missing, whether tools were taken in error or deliberately only thorough investigation would reveal the truth.

At the very worst end of the scale, thieves could break into an unattended site and loot the site for computer, laptops, mobile phones and causing untold damage ripping out copper and wires for resale as scrap metal. The destructive elements can cause unwanted delays in the construction industry, mainly because of the damage that they cause, as professional construction security company should be able to present you with many different solutions as to what can be done to make a building site more security in different stages of the development, a variety of solutions should be investigated and the most appropriate one actioned. Be...

What We Do?

We have a large network of operatives drawing experience and knowledge from an array of past experiences and expertise. The company abides with the Association of British Investigators and their strict code of conduct. Investigations are carried out not only for the general public but also for industry and solicitors.
Undercover Operatives

Drawing from a vast array of operatives with varied professional backgrounds Wecan provide undercover agents to fit immediately into all working environments. These are used to establish any wrongdoing in large or small businesses to determine the cause of losses or reason for lost effectiveness. The operatives will maintain the maximum discretion at all times and remain in position until either removed by Amberton, removed by you the client or to prevent being compromised.
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