What are you Looking for?

If you suspect that someone is hiding information from you that puts you at a disadvantage. We can help you? We work for you, to get evidence to prove or disprove your suspicions. We investigate:

  • Unfaithful Partners
  • Benefit Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Corporate Invesitgations
  • Sickness Deceit
  • People and Asset Tracing Service

If You Want The Truth

Get the truth you deserve.

Some of our clients

Do you want the truth

A lie is a lie, no matter how small, we provide the evidence, the facts that prove of disprove suspicion, to give you complete peace of mind. Cheating unfaithful partners to coorporate investigations and fraud. We work with you, for you.

We provide We work within the law, and our reports can be used to support a legal matter.

  • Photographic Evidence
  • Video Evidence
  • Audio Evidence
  • Vehicle GPS Tracking
  • Counter Surveillance Service
unfaithful partner
private investigator

Professional Service

We conduct your investigations, with absolute discretion and sensitivity, we can remove all evidence that a investigations has even taken place, the report is confidential and for your information.

"insurance fraud cost over £1billion annually, and undetected insurance fraud is estimated to cost a further £2billion on top of that."
"1 in 5 Britains admit to having an affair, and 1 in 3 have considered it. That is the amount that admit, that rate and truth of infidelity is truly shocking."
YouGov, London

The pain of not knowing

What you don't know has the potential to hurt or help you. If you do not want to live with the cost of not knowing the truth, it is your choice, but instead of paying the price of not knowing, pay the price to know the truth. If you think education is exspense, try ignorance.

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Your Private Investigator

For many cases the cost of the investigation can be justified, by saving either money or time that would of been spent if the truth had not been discovered or proved

Accident/Sickness Fraud

Fit for work

Back pain is generally hard to diagnose, but someone claiming that cannot raise their hand at all, shouldn't be in a DIY store shopping, clearly they are fit for work.



Put all your concerns to bed, we can provide evidence of your partners activities, where they are and who they say they are with and what they are actually doing.

Covert Operations

Discrete Surveillance

State of the art surveillance technology, we can setup live video feeds so you can view events occuring anywhere in the world.

Private and Discrete Services

We guarantee discretion. We have a way of conducting an investigation that no one can discover that an investigation has taken place, unless you reveal it to them. Call us on 0800 242 5113.

Professional Fast Service

We can undertake an investigation well within 24hrs of being instructed to, if you are looking for a fast, efficient way of revealing the truth of any suspicion, we are able to help.

Professional Equipment

Not only are our agents professional and discrete, we use the latest technology in surveillance and counter surveillance technology, as well as tried and tested technology.

Real-time Live View

If you wanted to view the subject while the investigation was going on, we can enable real-time live view, so you can covertly see and hear everything while it happens, even if you are 1000's of miles away

Professional Reports

We operate within the law and our reports can be used to support a legal case, oftentimes the facts we present are so clear and out of court settlement is not unusualy under the burden of evidence.

If You Want Facts

Get The Facts Nows

Save Money and Time

A Private investigation can be started in a matter of hours and you can have the evidence that you require sooner than you think, save money and time by oncovering the truth.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Professional Discrete Service
  • Fast Delivery
  • Live Real-Time Streaming
  • Confidential Service


If you have a question that is not answered below or would like more information please call us on 0800 242 5113.

How long would it take to start an investigation?

If the situations requires, we are able to start a investigation the same day. We have a standard set of instructions for specification, that we could adapt, and carry out a risk assessment and start within 24HRS.

How much does an investigation cost?

Depending on what type of investigation that you need, the amount of time you require are all factors in arriving at a price, we can usually provide price indications over the phone.

Are private investigations legal?

The investigation that we carry out and the way we operate are within the law. We cannot speak for other investigations carry out by other companies.

Can you track cars and tap mobile phones?

Under certain conditions we are to do this, however to ensure that we are able to help you in this way do contact us for more information.

Do you have a minimum time that I can use your services?

No. Some of our clients who use our services, only need a very short period of time to gather evidence for suspicion, the best way would be to call to get a quote.

Can the evidence you gather be used in court?

Absolutely. The evidence that we gather and in the way it is obtained, can be present and used in a court of law, our operatives are also available to appear in court and give evidence if required

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